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Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition- Week 39

39 weeks, with only 5 days left until Jr. estimated due date. At my appointment yesterday I was only 1.5 cm dilated. Contractions are starting to occur more frequently and are about 15-20 minutes apart when they occur. I find that I experience the most contractions when I am in a resting state.

Today, I indulged in a iced coffee with hopes that it would stimulate some consistent contractions while at work. However, I didn’t notice a major change.

I have been following doctors orders and walking to encourage dilation and the onset of natural labor. Each morning at 6 am I walk for a minimum of 1 mile. This morning I burned 139 calories from walking 1.09 miles. Around lunch time I took another stroll and walked 1.52 miles and burned 227 calories. Walking is such a relaxing exercise and has really helped to loosen up my tight muscles in my lower back and hips. Walking is going to not only condition me for labor but also condition me to get back into the swing of my fitness routine once I am cleared to workout with no restrictions after delivery.

Take a look at my stats from today: (Logged via Fitbit)

I am proud to have met and over exceeded my daily step goal of 5,000 steps and my 30 minute exercise goal. I also nailed my 250+ step goal between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. The hourly tracker is a great reminder for me to step away from my desk and take frequent breaks as needed.

39 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a small Pumpkin
  • Baby is considered full-term
  • Old fetal skin is falling off and replaced with soft baby skin
  • Baby is fully developed, measuring about 19-21 inches long and about 7-8 lbs in weight
  • Mommy has been nesting to the fullest
  • Frequent bathroom breaks on the hour at night is still a thing
  • Cravings: Chocolate Milk, Lunchables Pepperoni Pizzas, Chocolate

At 39 weeks, today I weigh in at 180.6 lbs. My weight has hit a plateau as baby as reached his optimal weight. I really anticipated him arriving earlier based on his measurements at my last two ultrasound appointments but apparently my womb is comfier than MTV cribs and baby is content just where he is. Maybe this is a indicator that he is going to be a Mommy’s boy. I wouldn’t mind this at all since Abby has been a Daddy’s girl from day 1. Hence, the reason why Andrew named her Abigail (meaning: My Father’s Joy).

Continue to follow me on social media for updates as we near Jr. big day!


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9K Steps @ 39 Weeks Pregnant: What’s your excuse?

I have been even more motivated to get my steps in during the past few weeks to hopefully progress faster in labor once it begins.

Today, I logged 9,160 steps, 3.93 miles, burned 2,125 cals, and spent 49 minutes exercising.

I managed to meet my hourly step goal of 250+ steps between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. This is something I do not typically target to accomplish but was very proud of myself to have completed it. I really enjoy using my Fitbit to manage my stats.

To record my walking I use Map my Walk which tracks your walk via GPS. I find it to be very accurate. This morning I started out my day with fasted cardio at 6:15 am and walked for 1.10 miles before work. Around lunch I took another walk and accomplished another 1.11 miles. It’s hard to make an excuse for not having time to walk. Walking is one of the simplest exercises routines you can incorporate into your daily activities. One strategy is to park further away from your destination and walk (parking lots at stores). This can help you burn a few calories, increase your heart rate, and save your car from someone dinging your doors.

Take a look at my stats from my two walking sessions today:

It’s not too bad for someone who is 39 weeks pregnant and carrying a whole (7+ lb) human in her womb. If I can get out and walk- so can you! So, what’s your excuse?

The most important part of embarking on your fitness journey is to START today! Small progress is better than no progress at all. I am not challenging you to be a runner or a top athlete. It’s okay to be a walker and have a slower pace. It’s not about running a marathon, it’s about keeping moving!

My advice to you is to cancel that gym membership that you are paying for and not using. Walking is totally FREE! It’s easy to make an excuse of why getting to the gym is out of the way or inconvenient for you. It’s tougher to make an excuse on how you can’t incorporate walking into your daily routine.

Story time: While I was walking today around lunch time I passed a wounded Veteran who was sitting in his wheelchair outside of Starbucks. After I passed him for the third time he looked at me and told me to get some steps in for him. This moment made me realize that while I am complaining about pelvic pressure and backaches from pregnancy I should not take for granted my ability to walk and still be mobile. There in front of me was a man who has lost his ability to walk. Just a Monday reminder to be humble and thankful.


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The Secret to Losing Weight: 3 Tips on How to Get Healthy

The Secret to Losing Weight

Everyone wants to know the real secret on how to lose weight. Well, it’s no secret at all. However, it is necessary to “get healthy.” There are a 3 simple tips that I have for you that will definitely guide you on the right track to weight loss. If you find your self guilty of not abiding by these 3 simple tips, you may be struggling significantly with your weight.

3 Tips on How to Get Healthy:

Tip #1: Consume Real Food

Nutritional Food: Whole & Fresh Produce

Your meals should be of nutritional value. It is highly important that you eliminate processed foods from your diet. Processed foods are extremely bad for your health as they are often high in sugar, contains artificial ingredients, chemically processed for overconsumption, difficult to digest, low in nutrients and essential vitamins.

While, it is easy to recommend people to eat fresh and only eat meat and fresh produce. However, it is unrealistic for many due to situational circumstances and schedules. While eating fresh is encouraged it honestly is time consuming to meal prep and it is definitely something you have to work yourself into. In this case, when you are grocery shopping if it has a label– READ it!

Familiarize yourself with the various ingredients found in food. My husband coached me that if you can not pronounce the ingredient or are unable to recognize it by name —DO NOT consume it.

Tip #2: Daily Caloric Deficit

Caloric Deficit = Weight Loss

The food that we eat all contains energy that is in the form of calories, in which we consume. Consuming calories assists our body to function properly. However, many of us consume more calories than required for optimal performance and health. Extra calories consumed are then stored as fat which results in weight gain.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a daily caloric deficit. By creating a caloric deficit you will be able to get rid of extra fat and achieve weight loss. When your body goes into a caloric deficit it receives its energy source from stored fat; stored fat is stored energy. Once your body begins to burn fat for energy you will loose weight as a result. Achieving a daily caloric deficit is essential in achieving weight loss.

Weight Loss Chart

Achieving a caloric deficit does not always mean you have to eat less food. You can simply cut your portion sizes, eliminate snacking, and choose lower calorie food when meal planning. Other recommendations to achieve a caloric deficit include: increasing your activity level and overall balancing your diet and exercise.

So, take a look again at your recommended calorie goal. Just because you may have a recommended calorie goal ranging between 1,200-1,500 does not mean you need to consume and account for each calorie daily. If you are unsure of how many calories you are consuming or what is recommended based on your BMI I would encourage you to visit my site: and complete my free wellness survey. Another great tool is myfitnesspal which is a application you can download on your phone that allows you to log your meals and you can get a accurate calculation of your calories consumed and overall macros daily. I use this application daily to log my meals and to ensure that my calories are controlled.

Tip #3: Moderate Exercise

Moderate Exercise Examples

The benefits from incorporating moderate exercise in your daily activities are endless and beyond simple weight loss. Some benefits include: improved mood, increased energy levels, improvement of brain health, and improved sleep. Other health benefits that have been linked to moderate exercise includes lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol.

Personally, exercise just puts me in a better space. It is a stress reliever and allows me to wind down nicely after a long day. Your exercise does not have to be lengthy or strenuous. A brisk daily walk is sufficient enough to get your blood circulating and heart rate elevated. Once you reach your targeted heart rate you will then go into fat-burning zone which is optimal for weight loss. The goal is to burn fat and not just calories.

I must insert the following disclaimer: a high rate does not mean you are in your fat burning zone. The targeted heart rate that you want to achieve is typically between 60-70% of your max heart rate, which will assist in keeping you in a fat burning zone. If you would like to monitor your heart rate closely I would definitely recommend investing in a fitbit or apple watch with heart rate monitoring.

For those just starting out and are looking to increase your activity level and achieve weight loss, there are many everyday activities you can engage in that will tap into your fat burning zone.

  • Park further away from store entrances
  • Walk more (lunch break, weekends, family dog)
  • Skip the elevator- take the stairs
  • Walk your local mall

Now that I have shared the secret to losing weight with you, put these tips into practice. I challenge you to incorporate the above lifestyle changes into your daily routine for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. You have the ability to make a difference in your life and health. I believe in you and want to hear about your success and testimony. Check back in 1 month and comment on this very post your progress. I want to hear your success stories!


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Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition

Happy Hump Day!

Part of the purpose why I created this blog documenting my fitness journey is to also document my life as a Mom and current pregnancy (baby #3). On Wednesdays I will be documenting my weekly weight. I believe this will be a great way to document the weight I have gained from pregnancy based on my pre-pregnancy weight and will also serve as great documentation as I lose these extra pounds after baby is born.



My pre-pregnancy weight: 163 lbs (documented 8/19/2018)

A few weeks later after this picture was taken, my husband and I found out that we were expecting baby #3.

Right at the peak of my workout madness! Once I found out the great news I did cut back on my gym time and substituted the gym with home workouts.

At 29 weeks, I still remain active in my fit lifestyle. However, I focus more on keeping moving, rather than intense cardio and strength training. I use my Fitbit to track my steps daily and it is my goal to not only meet but to exceed my step goal of 5,000 steps daily. I refrain from sitting for long periods of time and having a step goal encourages me to keep moving throughout the day.

Sometimes workout routines need to be adjusted and pregnancy has been that reason for adjustment in my life.

Disclaimer: I highly encourage everyone to speak to their healthcare provider before indulging in intense workouts. Just because you see someone else powering away does not mean it is the best suited workout for you according to your health. Be sure to get the ‘ok’ that you are able to workout and have a clear understanding of any limitations you may have according to your health.

Please excuse my baby bump ❤

29 Weeks Pregnant

Here, we go … today the scale determines that I am 174.2 lbs. Please have consideration for the fact that I am holding my iPhone 🙂 (cut me some slack). I am 29 weeks pregnant, and in my third trimester of this pregnancy.

I definitely would say that as baby is growing bigger and packing on the pounds during this time. I have noticed a rapid increase in my weight according to the scale. Not so much physically, despite my growing belly. All the weight is depositing right around baby as mommy’s belly grows to support the strong boy that he is.