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Happy 5th Birthday to Our Wild Child

Today, we celebrate you- Abigail Joann (Abby). Our Taurus baby. Our wild child.

For those of you that do not know Abby, here are some words to describe her character:

  • Stubborn = Determined
  • Loud = Rambunctious
  • Animated = Passionate
  • Hyper = Exhilarating
  • Chatty = Conversational
  • Wild = Free
  • Independent = Self Reliant
  • Personable = Charming

That’s just a few words to describe our powerhouse of a child. While some of her traits are as sweet as honey they can also be as sour as vinegar. Yet, every piece of her attitude and personality is what makes her, Abby. There is a positive behind every trait that she poses. However, sometimes at the age of 5 you haven’t quite figured out how to use your traits for the greater good. With continuous moral coaching and developing Abby will be able to use her traits in all positive ways in order to make the world we live in a better place. Her charisma will be inspiring to others as she exemplifies being determined, rambunctious, passionate, exhilarating, conversational, free, self reliant and charming.

Again, Happy Birthday to our powerhouse! Mommy and Daddy are oh so proud to be your parents.


Pregnancy Journey

Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition – Week 34

Welcome week 34! Currently, 41 days to go until Jr. arrival. The last two days have been very eventful. Tuesday night around 8 pm, my husband and I went outside to walk our dog Roger for a final time before bed and my right knee gave out on me. (previous injury related to cheerleading) Luckily, I felt my knee pop out of place and was able to brace my fall in the grass. Honestly, everything happened so fast and my husband and I both were a nervous wreck. I fell more-so on my hands and right hip, but you can never be so sure in the moment.

The 35 minute drive to the hospital was nerve wrecking. My stomach stayed contracted most of the ride and I suspect that it was also a result of my adrenaline rushing in fear. It wasn’t until we were about 15 minutes from the hospital when my stomach began to soften and I was able to feel baby’s movements back to normal. Feeling that first kick triggered a slight relief. After triage and being hooked up the fetal heart rate monitor it was confirmed that baby’s heart rate was detected and normal. The on call OB/Gyn arrived about 20 minutes later to perform an ultrasound and that was the real confirmation that baby was doing well and there was no indication of separation of the placenta. Jr. even waved at us and it was such a good wave; you could see each of his 5 fingers on that hand. It was almost like he was waving to let us know everything was ok.

After a thorough exam and a few hours of monitoring baby’s heart rate, the on call OB/Gyn did decide to keep me for 24 hour observation to be precautious per protocol. This was the longest 24 hours of my life. I was miserable as they ordered me not to eat in case baby showed signs of not doing well and they would opt to do an emergency c-section. All I could do was eat ice chips and that was just not enough. I honestly don’t know how I survived not eating and I am sure how my husband Andrew survived being held captive as well. He absolutely despises hospitals. Over the 24 hours baby boy continued to be super active as ever and my contractions are occurring more frequently. The nurses even suspect that I will be back to deliver baby boy before 39 weeks.

Needless to say, we both made it and were excited to be discharged last night after 8 pm. I spent today resting and taking it easy. My left arm is still pretty sore and bruised after the IV. It didn’t help that I slept on it last night. But, it’s pretty impossible to find a comfortable position in your third trimester. I am constantly switching from my left to right side when sleeping, of course in between my bathroom breaks that seemingly wake me up every 40 minutes to an hour at night.

34 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a Savoy Cabbage
  • Measuring about 18-19 inches long and weighs about 5 lbs
  • The slippery coat that protects baby’s skin from drying out in all the amniotic fluid is starting to fall off
  • Baby’s immune system is getting stronger
  • Baby’s lungs is in the final stage of development as we prepare for birth
  • Mommy is still feeling fatigued and battling with low iron
  • Blurry vision is occurring occasionally (I try to get up slow from laying down and sitting positions)
  • Contractions are becoming more frequent and are stronger
  • Cravings: Butter Pecan Ice-cream, Chocolate Pudding, and Oranges

At 34 weeks I weigh in at 173 lbs. I am really not surprised that I lost a few pounds given my 24 hour fast. I am not concerned since my appetite has been picking up in my third trimester. As baby boy continues to grow and pack on his baby fat I am sure my weight will increase in the coming weeks. Until next week…


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Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition – Week 33

Welcome week 33… another week down! Currently, 47 days to go … We are ready for you baby boy. This past weekend my mother in law helped me get everything ready in his room. Wall decals are placed, crib bedding is set, and all baby clothes are washed and put away. The carseat is out of the box and ready. Pampers are waiting on standby. I am even proud to say that I have my hospital bag packed and ready. Everything is ready except baby. But, that is ok he still has some time left to enjoy mommy’s womb (aka his womb-cave).

Don’t mind the butterfly decals. We were too tired to take down what was left over from Abby’s nursery. We will get to it sooner or later. =)
Pregnancy Problems

33 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a pineapple
  • Measuring between 17-19 inches in length and 4 – 6 lbs in weight
  • Baby is rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look, and his skeleton is hardening
  • Baby is extremely active
  • Mommy is feeling more fatigued
  • Mommy waddle is in full effect
  • Pelvic pressure is in full effect (It feels like I have a soft ball size yoni egg just sitting in my pelvic area)
  • It is getting even more difficult for me to sleep- tossing from side to side
  • Cravings: ice, water, almond milk, whipped butter, toast, oreo cookie

For the information you all have been reading for: At 33 weeks I weigh 175.4 lbs. Slight and steady increases in my weight. Less weight gained, less that I will need to lose in order to return back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am looking forward to get back into the swing of working out after baby. I have some real goals that I will be working to smash before the end of the year.

(Stay tuned for a blog post on my fitness goals after delivery)

Week 33 Weigh In

I had my 33 week check up yesterday and my OB/Gyn is pleased with how well baby is growing according to the last ultrasound. Baby is still head down and deeply lodged into my pelvis so he is getting himself ready and is already in position for delivery. The amniotic fluid is decreasing as we near the big day so it is very important for me to up my water intake and be sure to remain well hydrated throughout the day. My next appointment will be in two weeks and then once a week up until delivery. We are betting that he will arrive any day between April 20th-30th. I told my mother in law that he will be either her’s or Abby’s birthday present. I guess the bet is on and we will have to just wait and see.


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Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition – Week 32

7 weeks and 6 days to go until we meet our Prince (approximately 55 days to go). I really can not believe how quick time is passing. I feel like March just began and now here we are approaching April. I am still betting that Jr. will make his debut sometime late April. I am sure Abby would love to welcome her baby brother for her 5th birthday. (nice gift, right?) Just think about how we are going to plan and manage two kids with birthdays less than 30 days apart; could potentially be days apart. After this blog post I will be clicking over to Pinterest to look for party planning ideas for sister and brother birthday parties. 🙂

Sad to announce that I have yet to pack my hospital bag. Benefit of the doubt, this is baby #3 and I crown myself as a professional and Queen of childbirth. I know this baby is coming whether my bag is packed or not. I am nowhere in a frenzy like with our first. (carseat and bag was packed in the car since the 1st trimester) I honestly, am confident enough that my Husband Andrew will manage to locate all of my necessities if the time arrives earlier than anticipated and I am not prepared. (He is a professional too) Honestly, it’s on my to-do-list but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Fatigue is starting to plague me again in these final weeks and I rather take a nap than refer to my to-do-list for incomplete tasks.

Crib Linen Set

Thank you to our amazing family and friends who have been marking items off of our registry. Today, we received our carseat and crib set. For those of you that did not know we are registered at Target and we appreciate your support.

I cannot wait until I wash and put the linen in his crib. Everything is really coming together nice and we are definitely prepared for his arrival.

32 Week Milestone & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a Florida Pomelo
  • Measuring about 18 inches long and weighs about 4 lbs
  • Baby has fully developed fingernails and toenails
  • One of his favorite activities right now is sucking his thumb
  • Baby is head down and in the birth position
  • Mommy is experiencing fatigue (despite going to bed early and frequent naps)
  • Sleeping is becoming more difficult (need more pillows)
  • Contractions are occurring more frequently
  • Pelvic pressure is increasing as baby grows and pushed deeper into the birthing canal
  • Leg cramps plague me once again

This week I am 172.5 lbs. There is no significant change compared to last week. I am beginning to accept this as a blessing. Less weight gained = less weight to lose after baby. I am happy to hear that he is growing just right and even measuring bigger than expected. I definitely notice my stomach growing bigger each day. Baby is sitting very low as he is preparing for his big day.

This week my appetite has started to increase and I have been craving almond milk, sweet tea, greens, and oreos. Weird combinations.

My next appointment will be next week and I will continue to keep you all updated. Until next post. . .


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Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition – Week 31

Today marks only 62 more days to go! We simply cannot wait to meet our little Jr. On Sunday, Andrew worked diligently to assemble the crib without instructions. We came close to not being able to finish, as we thought we had lost some screws over the years. Luckily, I was able to locate the missing screws in our junk drawer. I am famous for tossing miscellaneous items, so it definitely was a blessing that I held on to those particular screws. The baby’s room is all set and ready for his arrival in the coming weeks. The new baby mattress was delivered today. All, that is really left are a few necessity items on our Target baby registry.

Mommy & Daddy vs. Crib
Daddy vs. Crib

We have decided to plan the baby shower for after Jr. arrival since March-April are very busy months for our family, filled with multiple birthdays. For the baby shower we will be requesting guests to bring a book to help build Jr. library. One thing we have learned from having multiple children is the difference between what is necessary and what is not. For our first daughter, Abby we were so overwhelmed with gifts and appreciated them all. We were even able to pass items down to our second daughter, Hope. Our registry with Jr., is far more simpler as we know what items we really will use and what items we more than likely will not. We are definitely looking forward to sharing our blessing with you all once he makes his debut.

31 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a Coconut
  • Measuring about 17 1/2 inches and weigh a little over 3.5 lbs
  • Baby still has about 3-5 more lbs to gain in the coming weeks
  • Baby is becoming more flexible in his neck and joints
  • Baby is sleeping for longer durations – until I drink or eat something sweet 🙂
  • Mommy is experiencing frequent episodes of shortness of breath due to the crowding of the growing baby around my lungs
  • Lower back pain is on the rise once again
  • It is getting more and more difficult to get comfortable at night and fall asleep (Hubby uses half of my body pillow for his own comfort)

With only two months to go, I plan to pack my hospital bag this weekend. I rather be over-prepared than under-prepared. I delivered our oldest at a little over 40 weeks; she simply was not ready. Our second daughter came early at 34 weeks, not to much of a surprise for me since I woke up that morning to go to my appointment and I honestly felt like I could not carry her another day it was so much weight that I was carrying with her. I heard that once you have had multiples, labor comes faster. (myth? or nah?)

Now on to the part you all have been reading for… today I weighed in at 172.4 lbs. At my OB/GYN appointment last week my doctor is not concerned with my minimal weight gain. It’s very clear that baby is like a parasite and is taking everything from me for his own selfish benefit. The only thing getting bigger on me is my belly, which is a great reminder that baby is growing well. I am otherwise losing weight/fat in my arms and legs. Hopefully, it will be easy for me to reach my pre-pregnancy weight after delivery. Breastfeeding definitely helps with this process. I am looking forward to Friday as I will have another Ultrasound to confirm baby is in the correct position and to get a more accurate weight estimate of baby. At my last Ultrasound baby was measuring about 1.5 week bigger than what aligns with my predicted due date of 5/14. I will continue to keep you all posted!


Pregnancy Journey

Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition – Week 30

Thank you for following me another week on my pregnancy and fitness journey. This week marks week 30 in my pregnancy with baby #3. I am committing to documenting my weight gain weekly up until the birth of our bundle of joy. I am taking my readers on this journey with me, consider yourself lucky. 🙂

30 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a Cantaloupe
  • Measuring about 17 inches and 3.5 lbs
  • Baby will start to put on up to a half pound each week up until he is born
  • Experiencing Braxton Hicks daily
  • Having trouble sleeping due to increasingly huge belly
  • Experiencing nightly leg cramps despite incorporating bananas in my diet to increase my potassium
  • The first trimester fatigue that I experienced is returning

I have definitely noticed a difference in my pregnancy carrying our son, compared to our daughters. Our girls gave me nausea in the first trimester, heartburn, and I had endless cravings for sweets. With Jr. I have not noticed a increase in my appetite. My main craving has been anything that contains almonds.

Baby is growing on target and gaining the appropriate weight. While mommy has been leaning out overall and maintaining my weight. It’s a myth when you hear that you have to eat for two while pregnant. It is recommended to only consume an additional   200-400 calories daily in pregnancy, varying by each trimester. Consuming any additional and lack of nutritional value in calories can result in excessive weight gain during pregnancy which definitely will make it harder to return to your pre-pregnancy weight.

With that being said, today I weighed in at 171 lbs. I definitely would say that me holding my phone in last weeks picture added some extra weight. Today I was able to have my friend Jaleesa take the picture of me on the scale, so this weight is more accurate. Tomorrow, I will also have my 30 week appointment and I can reconfirm my weight at that time as well. I am beyond excited as the time gets closer. I am now visiting my OB/Gyn every 2 weeks and time is definitely flying by.

Steak, Shrimp, & Broccoli w/ Cheese

Tonight for dinner I enjoyed steak, shrimp, and broccoli with cheese. It was delicious. After eating Andrew and I went mall walking to walk off some of our food. Walking is one of the best exercises for me during my third trimester. Walking is a great low impact exercise for all ages. Walking at a steady pace allows your heart rate to elevate and can potentially put you in that targeted fat burning zone I discussed on my last post.

While at the mall Andrew and I decided to start our baby registry and looking at all the baby stuff really brought us down memory lane. Just to think about how overboard we went with our first child we definitely have a better sense of what we need and what we will more than likely not even use.

I will continue to keep you updated on my journey. Please do not forget to like, subscribe, and share my blog with others. Comment below or contact me with topics that you would like to read more about. I want to know what interests you. =)