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A Mother’s Day to Remember: My Birth Story (Baby #3)

Friday, May 10, 2019: I followed up with my OB/GYN for my weekly appointment. I was still only 2 cm dilated and about 60% effaced. With Jr. due date quickly approaching in 4 days I began to feel overwhelmed. Despite knowing that due dates are only predicted estimates of when baby is expected to come I began to get concerned since my next appointment would be on his due date, Tuesday, May 14, 2019 and my OB/GYN said he would recommend for me to have a scheduled c-section around 41 weeks if I failed to progress. He explained to me that despite having a successful vaginal delivery with my first that inductions are not an ideal option after having a c-section as it puts the mother at an increased risk for a potential uterine rupture with the medicines they would use for induction. While he explained what to expect, he did remind me to stay positive since things can change quickly.

Before I left my appointment, since it was Mother’s Day weekend he handed me a beautiful Pink Rose and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day and I told him that it would be even nicer if baby boy made his arrival. He smiled-laughed and told me to be careful what you wish for.

Later Friday evening, we decided to get our grocery shopping out of the way since we didn’t know what the coming week would bring. After googling ways to induce labor, I decided to pick up some more Dates which reportedly softens the cervix and pineapples. I figured why not give it a try. I had already been walking a minimum of 3-4 miles per day and doing 10 squats each time I would go to the bathroom. All methods recommended to move baby further down into the birthing canal and begin labor. [I can’t say for sure if these methods worked or if it was just naturally the right time for baby.]

Saturday, May 11, 2019: I woke up around 7:30 am and heard my husband scuffling around in our room and putting his clothes on. It’s the weekend so it’s not shocking that he was getting out of bed this early (he never sleeps in). I asked him where was he going and he told me that he was going to go get a oil change. I asked him, “If I ride with you can you stop me to get some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on the way back home?” He said “sure”, which was very surprising since he had been discouraging me from drinking coffee throughout my pregnancy.

While at Valvoline, I just kept thinking to myself what if my water broke in the middle of the mechanics changing his oil. I even joked with him about this. I mean I know they are quick with changing oil but they wouldn’t be that quick when we are in a state of panic. The oil change was a success and we made it to Dunkin’ Donuts for my medium Caramel Cappuccino Blast. (favorite drink)

Before heading home hubby wanted to stop at CVS to check to see if they had his beard products on sale. I normally would chose to stay in the car but I was determined to hit my hourly step goal so I decided to go in CVS with him. CVS did not have what he was looking for and as we began walking out of the store I kept thinking about the urge I had to use the bathroom and I felt a little trickle of water between my legs. As I set down in the car the trickle became a little heavier and I could noticeably feel that my underwear were soaked. I looked at my Husband Andrew and I told him, “I think my water just broke”.

He looked at me with concern and asked, “are you sure”? I told him that I wasn’t sure but what I do know is that I still have the urge to use the bathroom so I know I didn’t pee on myself. We rushed home (thankfully we was not far). I immediately went to the bathroom to pee and check my underwear (completely soaked). As I cleaned myself up and put on new underwear and pants I called the nurse’s advice line and described to them what just happened. While talking to them on the phone my fresh underwear began to soak up again with fluid. At that point it was definitely confirmed that this was not a simple case of urinary incontinence – my water had indeed broke!

My OB/GYN was contacted and I was advised to make my way to the hospital. At this point, my husband, sister in law, and daughter were all scuffling around the house trying to get everything that they needed. All of us in disbelief that it was really happening – in a few hours we would be welcoming our son into the world.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the L&D Nurse checked the leaking fluid and confirmed that it was amniotic fluid. The on call OB/GYN was the same doctor that cared for me when I had the stomach flu a few months ago and she was wonderful. The odds of her being on call this very day was unbelievable. God had everything to do with the planning and timing. She came in to check my dilation and I was at 3 cm by the time I arrived to the hospital. She asked what my birthing plans were and I told her that I wanted to try for a VBAC and she told me that, that was a great choice. She explained to me that I have a 99% chance of success given my history and she did not suspect that I needed to be induced. She was allowed me to labor on my own and my body did just that.

She came back to check my progress every 3 hours and I dilated 1 cm every 3 hours. It definitely was a long time waiting but things began to progress faster as the time went on. I opted for my epidural at 4 cm and it worked pretty well but my left side and leg did not numb up as well as my right did. At 10:30 pm, the doctor checked me and I was at 7 cm. She informed me that should would be back in about 3 hours and will introduce me to the other doctor coming on for her. I was disappointed to hear this because I really wanted her to delivery baby boy.

Immediately, after she left the room not even 5 minutes had past and I started feeling intense pressure and as my mother in law and sister in law watched the monitor my contractions were coming less than 1 minute a part. In my first pregnancy the last time I started complaining about pressure Abby was already crowning on her own. I really am starting to believe that it’s something about these McKinney babies that they want to deliver themselves into this world. My hubby pulled back the blankets to make sure the baby’s head was not crowning but he was too terrified to really look. He immediately, told me to press the button for the Nurse. When the nurse walked in she looked at me and heard my complaints of pressure and wanting to poop and push – she called the doctor and began setting up the room for delivery. She knew at that point (10:45 pm) that it was time.

Once the doctor came in she check me again and in just 15 minutes I went from 7 to 10 cm dilated. Baby boy was ready to make his arrival. After about 8 pushes baby boy, Andrew Jr. entered the world on 5/11/19 @ 11:02 pm, weighing 7 lbs 8 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long.

He arrived right on time for Mother’s Day and it’s true- be careful about what you wish for. ❤ This will forever be a Mother’s Day that I will never forget.


Upcoming Post: PP Weight Update

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Staying Active While Pregnant: Week 39

This picture does no justice to show how big my belly is 🙂
At least, I am still able to see my feet.

Exercising while pregnant does not have to be extensive or exhausting. Since approaching my final weeks of pregnancy, I have transitioned to strictly walking. In the mornings I challenge myself to complete 1 mile of walking between the hours of 5-7 am. I enjoy this time the most because the morning crisp air feels good and wakes me up as I prepare myself for the day ahead. I really do not enjoy the heat so I am more encouraged to workout/walking during the early morning hours. This is a great time to get moving since it is considered ‘fasted cardio.’

Around lunch time I strive to get in another mile or two. Throughout, the day I also work to meet my hourly step goal of 250+ steps between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. I easily reach my step goal of 5,000 steps by 8 am.

Honestly, since I have been walking more in the past few weeks I have been feeling my best. Prior, I was experiencing a lot of back and pelvic pressure from the additional weight from my pregnancy. However, since I have been walking and moving more the pain has eased. My muscles are nicely loosened and relaxed. The tension has completely disappeared. At 39 weeks pregnant I feel more energized than ever. This morning after getting dressed and ready I prepared myself to walk our dog Roger and I sprinted down the stairs so easily. For a moment, I had forgotten that I was pregnant and carrying a estimated 7 lb baby.

Here is a look into my morning walk:

My fitness commitment is to keep moving. I know I can’t run a marathon at this point in my journey. But by moving and staying active it will make for a easier recovery after delivery. Walking not only helps me physically but it is beneficial mentally. Walking relieves stress and we all need to breathe in some fresh often- walking is the best opportunity for this. I use my walking time to catch up on current audiobooks that I am reading. Since I am a busy mom on the go I don’t often have time to sit and read a book. Yet, I don’t use my busy schedule as an excuse- I make it a priority to read on the go through the use of audiobooks. I listen to my books while in the car driving and while walking. The saying is true that we make time for what is important to us.

I encourage you to make time for yourself and your health. Commit to your journey and the progress. Progress requires effort, so you have to be 100% in and committed to the challenge. It only takes 1-2 weeks to form a habit; start today!


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Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition- Week 36

Currently 36 weeks, only 26 days or less to go until Jr. arrival. I am so excited to meet our newest edition that I am beginning to get impatient. Just thinking about what his personality will be like. This also will mean that my husband and I will have two children with the same zodiac signs– Taurus. If he is anything like Abby he will be unwavering, strong willed and steadfast in his opinions. All good character traits when utilized positively. I guess will just have to wait and see . . .

My belly is growing and so are my cravings. I can’t seem to sleep in and I am up every hour thirsty and with a full bladder. Hubby and my MIL (Mother-in-Love) are still convinced that baby will debut on May 3rd. Hubby specifically suspects that I will start laboring on May 2nd. Only time will tell. One thing for sure his date has already been decided by the Almighty – Most High.

36 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a Ripe Papaya
  • Measuring about 20 inches long and weights about 6 lbs
  • Baby is shedding bodily hair, as well as the vernix caseosa
  • Forming meconium for his first bowel movement
  • Since baby has dropped Mommy’s lungs are feeling relieved
  • Increased pelvic pain and pressure since baby is in position for the big day
  • Contractions are increasing in frequency and intensity

At 36 weeks, I weigh in today at 180.6 lbs. This means I gained a whole 5 lbs since last Wednesday. Baby is definitely packing on more weight as we approach delivery day. I am looking forward to my upcoming prenatal appointment on Friday to see if I have dilated. Keep following my blog for weekly updates. Be on the lookout for a birth announcement post. I am excited to see who predicted Jr. due date accurately.


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35 Week Appointment Update & Jr. Due Date Predictions: Friends & Family

Today I am 35 weeks and 3 days. My weekly check up went well. I gained 2 lbs since Wednesday (177 lbs) and my blood pressure has been great. I have not dilated yet and baby is still in position and preparing for his big day. His heart rate and activity level is normal and to be expected. I will continue to check in weekly with my OB/Gyn until Jr. arrival. I really can’t imagine him waiting until his due date or after. I have been experiencing so much pressure and sleeping has been a challenge for me. It’s nearly impossible to get comfortable at night, as I toss from one side to the other.

After my appointment today I treated myself to a pedicure. This will probably be my last pedicure until after Jr. I chose a pretty blue in honor of baby boy. Self care is so important and is something I refuse to neglect.


Thank you for everyone who participated by commenting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with your predictions on when Jr. will arrive in the coming weeks. See below for everyones predictions. I can not wait to see who is correct or close. Currently, 4 weeks and 4 days left to go until my estimated due date 5/14/19.

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Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition – Week 35

Welcome to week 35. I am another week closer to meeting our little man. I honestly feel like time is going by extremely fast at this point. Currently, there is only 34 more days until my expected due date [5/14/19]. Baby is in position and dropping lower everyday. It is beginning to get more difficult for me to carry around the weight of my belly. I often get a little off balance and have to catch myself.

While my family and I are excited for Jr. arrival; so are my friends and coworkers. I was so shocked that my job planned a baby shower for me. Initially, it was planned last week but they had to cancel it because I was admitted to the hospital. My friend and coworker Jaleesa couldn’t hold the surprise in and told me that they had it all planned out. I felt so bad to hear that they had everything planned with food and decorations but had to cancel because of me. I was grateful but did not imagine that they would replan something to surprise me at work.

So, yesterday my coworkers began acting funny- disappearing for long periods of time and scattering all around the office, in and out. I didn’t realize that they were rushing to pick up food and decorate a little. I was shocked when I went to lunch and saw all of the blue decor. It was a dead giveaway that it was for me and Jr. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and everyone’s gift. Both me and Jr. feel the love. I want to thank everyone again for their support and kindness.

35 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a Bunch of Carrots
  • Measuring about 20 inches long and weighs about 5.5-6 lbs
  • Baby’s skeletal development is nearly complete
  • Baby will continue to pack on more weight in the coming weeks
  • Baby is in position
  • Mommy is trying to manage the extra weight (balance control)
  • Blurry vision is still a thing
  • Contractions are becoming more frequent, stronger, and closer
  • Walking long distances or standing for too long is a task (SOB frequently)
  • Cravings: Hershey’s chocolate bars, coffee with heavy cream

At 35 weeks, I weigh in today at 175 lbs. I am up 2 lbs from last week. I have happy to see the numbers going up on the scale. It’s a reassurance that baby is getting bigger and packing on his weight appropriately. I have not experienced any swelling and I am thankful for that. I have heard many horror stories from other moms who have suffered with swelling in their pregnancy. I would say that I am in the clear from this issue. I haven’t experienced it yet and didn’t in my prior two pregnancies.

Today I posted on facebook and instagram asking for my friends and family to post their prediction date of when Jr. will arrive based off of the picture above of me today at 35 weeks. Even my coworkers joined in on the fun and circulated a calendar with their predictions.

If you have not had a chance yet to post your predictions please do so. I am also accepting predictions here on my blog. Please comment your prediction below. Keep in mind Jr. due date is 5/14/19. I am accepting predictions up until Friday evening at 8:00 pm. I will then create a blog post and share everyones name and prediction date. I can not wait to see who predicts his arrival accurately or close enough.


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Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition – Week 34

Welcome week 34! Currently, 41 days to go until Jr. arrival. The last two days have been very eventful. Tuesday night around 8 pm, my husband and I went outside to walk our dog Roger for a final time before bed and my right knee gave out on me. (previous injury related to cheerleading) Luckily, I felt my knee pop out of place and was able to brace my fall in the grass. Honestly, everything happened so fast and my husband and I both were a nervous wreck. I fell more-so on my hands and right hip, but you can never be so sure in the moment.

The 35 minute drive to the hospital was nerve wrecking. My stomach stayed contracted most of the ride and I suspect that it was also a result of my adrenaline rushing in fear. It wasn’t until we were about 15 minutes from the hospital when my stomach began to soften and I was able to feel baby’s movements back to normal. Feeling that first kick triggered a slight relief. After triage and being hooked up the fetal heart rate monitor it was confirmed that baby’s heart rate was detected and normal. The on call OB/Gyn arrived about 20 minutes later to perform an ultrasound and that was the real confirmation that baby was doing well and there was no indication of separation of the placenta. Jr. even waved at us and it was such a good wave; you could see each of his 5 fingers on that hand. It was almost like he was waving to let us know everything was ok.

After a thorough exam and a few hours of monitoring baby’s heart rate, the on call OB/Gyn did decide to keep me for 24 hour observation to be precautious per protocol. This was the longest 24 hours of my life. I was miserable as they ordered me not to eat in case baby showed signs of not doing well and they would opt to do an emergency c-section. All I could do was eat ice chips and that was just not enough. I honestly don’t know how I survived not eating and I am sure how my husband Andrew survived being held captive as well. He absolutely despises hospitals. Over the 24 hours baby boy continued to be super active as ever and my contractions are occurring more frequently. The nurses even suspect that I will be back to deliver baby boy before 39 weeks.

Needless to say, we both made it and were excited to be discharged last night after 8 pm. I spent today resting and taking it easy. My left arm is still pretty sore and bruised after the IV. It didn’t help that I slept on it last night. But, it’s pretty impossible to find a comfortable position in your third trimester. I am constantly switching from my left to right side when sleeping, of course in between my bathroom breaks that seemingly wake me up every 40 minutes to an hour at night.

34 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a Savoy Cabbage
  • Measuring about 18-19 inches long and weighs about 5 lbs
  • The slippery coat that protects baby’s skin from drying out in all the amniotic fluid is starting to fall off
  • Baby’s immune system is getting stronger
  • Baby’s lungs is in the final stage of development as we prepare for birth
  • Mommy is still feeling fatigued and battling with low iron
  • Blurry vision is occurring occasionally (I try to get up slow from laying down and sitting positions)
  • Contractions are becoming more frequent and are stronger
  • Cravings: Butter Pecan Ice-cream, Chocolate Pudding, and Oranges

At 34 weeks I weigh in at 173 lbs. I am really not surprised that I lost a few pounds given my 24 hour fast. I am not concerned since my appetite has been picking up in my third trimester. As baby boy continues to grow and pack on his baby fat I am sure my weight will increase in the coming weeks. Until next week…


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Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In: Pregnancy Edition – Week 33

Welcome week 33… another week down! Currently, 47 days to go … We are ready for you baby boy. This past weekend my mother in law helped me get everything ready in his room. Wall decals are placed, crib bedding is set, and all baby clothes are washed and put away. The carseat is out of the box and ready. Pampers are waiting on standby. I am even proud to say that I have my hospital bag packed and ready. Everything is ready except baby. But, that is ok he still has some time left to enjoy mommy’s womb (aka his womb-cave).

Don’t mind the butterfly decals. We were too tired to take down what was left over from Abby’s nursery. We will get to it sooner or later. =)
Pregnancy Problems

33 Week Milestones & Current Events:

  • Baby is the size of a pineapple
  • Measuring between 17-19 inches in length and 4 – 6 lbs in weight
  • Baby is rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look, and his skeleton is hardening
  • Baby is extremely active
  • Mommy is feeling more fatigued
  • Mommy waddle is in full effect
  • Pelvic pressure is in full effect (It feels like I have a soft ball size yoni egg just sitting in my pelvic area)
  • It is getting even more difficult for me to sleep- tossing from side to side
  • Cravings: ice, water, almond milk, whipped butter, toast, oreo cookie

For the information you all have been reading for: At 33 weeks I weigh 175.4 lbs. Slight and steady increases in my weight. Less weight gained, less that I will need to lose in order to return back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am looking forward to get back into the swing of working out after baby. I have some real goals that I will be working to smash before the end of the year.

(Stay tuned for a blog post on my fitness goals after delivery)

Week 33 Weigh In

I had my 33 week check up yesterday and my OB/Gyn is pleased with how well baby is growing according to the last ultrasound. Baby is still head down and deeply lodged into my pelvis so he is getting himself ready and is already in position for delivery. The amniotic fluid is decreasing as we near the big day so it is very important for me to up my water intake and be sure to remain well hydrated throughout the day. My next appointment will be in two weeks and then once a week up until delivery. We are betting that he will arrive any day between April 20th-30th. I told my mother in law that he will be either her’s or Abby’s birthday present. I guess the bet is on and we will have to just wait and see.